Mission Statement

The Arc Institute aims to assist organizations with their mandate using mythology and storytelling; and by helping illuminate the
human question "Why are we here?" through the cinema.

ARC will enable the creation of unique pieces of art that will provide an exciting new avenue for raising awareness as well as funds.

The Arc Initiatives

Surviving The Treatment: The Return of Myles McLellan

A documentary that dives into the core of the aftermath of childhood cancer. It is an intimate glimpse into one family's battle to regain their lives, and a brutal portrait of the social isolation experienced by children living with cancer.

The Long Journey Home

In a village that never knew sickness a boy is sent into the wilderness to find the cure to his illness. He returns from his great journey to a village that does not recognize him for the changes he has endured...

The Fool

The Fool begins at the end of a life-long relationship between a child who suddenly no longer believes that his imaginary friend, Anda the Clown, exists. In denial and unable to accept this sudden change, the devastated Anda attempts to remain close to a growing boy that no longer chooses to see him...